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Welcome to Spark

Share, Collaborate and Innovate with StrongView Experts and Enthusiasts

About Spark

Spark is a vibrant community for StrongView customers that offers a dynamic environment to easily find answers to support questions and an opportunity to connect with other StrongView customers and in-house experts. It is part of StrongView’s continued efforts to ensure our customers’ success with our products and services.


In Spark you can:

  • Connect with peers and colleagues
  • Get product news and announcements and create product enhancement ideas
  • Find and share answers to day-to-day questions
  • Exchange ideas for improving email programs
  • Gain and share insight into the latest industry trends and techniques
  • Find the latest product documentation
  • Submit or find sample API code
  • Track existing support cases or submit new ones

Join the rich conversations already taking place in Spark!

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